windypoint (windypoint) wrote in feedthefamily,

Quick and easy freezer chili.

This is one of my favourite homemade convenience foods because it is easy at every step of cooking. It is economical to make when minced beef is on sale, and thaws and reheats nicely in the microwave with just one stop partway through to break it up.

2kg of minced beef
2 jars of plain tomato pasta sauce
garlic powder
chili powder
dried thyme

Brown the minced beef, mix in the jars of tomato pasta sauce and spices/herbs to taste, boil down until almost dry. Adjust seasoning again close to end of cooking time. Cool, and package in two large ziploc bags that will make suitable sized blocks of frozen chili to fit into a microwave proof dish you own.

I don't ever put red kidney beans in this before thawing, because beans tend to go to mush in the thawing process and canned beans are an easy last minute add in after the chili is thawed. However to sneak in some veggies and extend the meat I do sometimes grate a little carrot into the pan before I boil off the liquid, and finely chopped capsicums are good then too, when cheap. Someday I'll try lentils as an extender.
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